Saturday, October 01, 2005

a new (selfbestowed) title is was born this morn

and where talking google whack quality here.

I've made my first mention less than an hour ago here: (in the tangents).

. .. here's the last few of them:

this may take awhile to figure out.
northanger 10.01.05 - 7:06 am #
hey, i am the dust metaphysician remember? I'd rather start on swahili
piet Homepage 10.01.05 - 7:19 am #
I ought to feed you more of this gunk though .. .. just had a great dream ... .
piet Homepage 10.01.05 - 7:20 am #
hey, try not to swipe your gunk all over me. i'd appreciate it kindly.
northanger 10.01.05 - 7:34 am #
Teazer for Nick by Dolf: “[A folly] which we meet with in our time, is that of pretending to invent and carry out political Constitutions independently of religion. The Catholic confession, although sharing the Christian name with the Protestant, does not concede to the State an inherent Justice and Morality—a concession which in the Protestant principle is fundamental.
piet Homepage 10.01.05 - 7:36 am #
do i remember right, seeing dolf in hyperstition's linklist at one point?
gunk is fluid silicon, hot stuff way down keeping and cutting the continental collisions down to series of shifts so multiple and minimal they are little perceived. .. .
wikipedia doesn't have a gunk page yet
googled together with hamaker gets you me as runner up:
Hamaker's 1985 comments on (then) current climate and tectonics1985 Hamaker comments for the Ice Age or Solar Bulletin (edited by Don Weaver)... The second is that the crust slides over the mantle on the gunk so the ... -
piet Homepage 10.01.05 - 7:46 am #
whoops, that was dolfie quoting hegel earlierpiet Homepage 10.01.05 - 7:49 am #
Georg Hegel (1770-1841 CE), ‘Introduction – The Philosophy of History’, ISBN 0-87975-631-4, p 48-49

dolfie aint run out of juice yet .. .oooOO00hhHH no! Not by a long shot; he's even started to use his colours in a semi-symmetric way, see: Course-TROCHOS of nature-GENESIS or world-KOSMOS of iniquity-ADIKIA?
in the menu at the shortest url: 'course of nature or world of iniquity'

this is all relatively innocent pass time (does that exist for the socideally engaged keyboard combrate?), it's the rocket scientist we should be looking out for (not that evil will ever like exposure . Hey, maybe we could get Madonna to switch Kabbalah teacher? Two impossible people together might make a good one. Anything better than a violent movie maker.
piet Homepage 10.01.05 - 8:26 am #

ps: blog links; good ones I hadn't seen yet like

ps2: until democracy learn about the role of dust in life we will be stuck with this: Video: Despotism & Democracy : Explains how societies and nations can be measured by the degree that power is concentrated and respect for the individual is restricted. Where does your community, state and nation stand on these scales?


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