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pallywoodsman delivers the paras and the perps between bosnia and palestine

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perhaps you could read up on the former first: Article24 May 2001 Some last words on that libel trial by Mick Hume ---- Reproduced from Last Magazine, summer 2000

Since the trial, those trying to repair ITN's reputation have indulged in increasingly wild fantasies about LM's part in an international pro-Serb conspiracy. ....
Our aim was not to deny that atrocities had been committed in Bosnia, but to refute the crude attempts to draw parallels between the Serbs and the Nazis.

Here's a scot defending the Serbs:

google search with pallywood delivers .. . .nothing

. . .. but there is an indybay item that does over 200K with the landes material hiccoughing all over the rightwing invasion and violation of blogospheric balance

pallywoodsmanpiet says: looks like the windsofchange guys
(Katz et al) were brazen enough to come up with (and/or spot) the term
pallywood as early as 2003:

Watch - Archived news and commentary: January 6 - 12, 2003
Actually, the quote above isn't from any teenage Indymedia acne warror. It's fromSydney Morning Herald ... "Pallywood - 'According to Palestinian Sources. ... - 121k

19.400 results for pallywood (on google) (mirrors the 18 minute Landes docu) a stupid oneliner posting porn lover --

certainly takes 8 google pages before I recognize a site and trust it's neutrality or at least splitness enough to go see (most seem outright tec addicted machowingnuts taking their lead from hyperactive ueberlizards) this
seems to be a long interview with initiators (at a site
notable for the 10 skin variations on offer; alas,
another lgf (and clones
clue taker and not ameliorated by mildness by the likes
of maxspeak either). This item is a sample of the story furtively filtered through the kinds of blogs a no longer existent decent dime a dirty and undecimatable dozen at the height (let's hope) of it's hot itemness (I wasn't in the mood for a diversion from the typicalness of it all, whether this instance ((of unspeakable acts routinely perpetrated in inaccesible 'jodenstreken')) was staged or not seemed like a typical 'jodenstreek' at the time): "That said, does an emotional image bolster your protest even if the image is not genuine, if it is perhaps misinterpreted, or dare I repeat it, "the product of Pallywood theatre?" Take a look at this image of a young man protesting the visit of Israeli deputy PM Ehud Olmert to South Africa and decide for yourself." ------ in other words using a staged representation to illustrate an operative principle turns allows anyone who sees fit to swap adverbs and say: I see a stage in operation and it is by definition faking principle. The same disqualification ensues if you happen to express your discomfort over some sort of injustice with anger and frustration; these are then generalized and taken as a purposeful strategy, in this case the slight, insult, humiliation or whatever.

Here's what the byline of that blog says: ""Plan a conspiracy and it shall be annulled..."(Isaiah 8:10) ---- Opinion about the Israel-Palestinian conflict with a focus on the South African media." -- obviously posseses either very jaded or very strong nerves but I fear the worst though/cause he does pretend to hesitate (see first quote).

.... and a funny faux pas occurs one item later
(one earlier shows how women are herded into the violence business and taught to smile on camera to prove that the palestinians have nothing on them when it comes to staging and smearing the a woodword). This one quotes a letter to the Pretoria media network he claims is 'typical': Before I am branded an anti- Semite I feel that I should mention that these questions have been nagging many of my friends and associates and that honest answers (verified by authentic documentary evidence) will assist in dispelling a large number of sceptical views of the atrocities allegedly committed by the Nazis w-h-o seem to have provided the Israelis and Serbs (and South Africa’s Nationalists) with invaluable lessons in oppression and genocide.

can you spot what?
w-h-o should of course read which if you're not intent on breaking the logic in sentence construction here. Either that or leave out the 'alledgedly' which would jive better with the first 7 words in this quote which are in bold, by whom I don't know.
What he is doing here is quoting the jpost on Ken Livingston, mayor of London who "charges that Sharon "continues to organize terror" by combating the current intifada, that Israel is engaged in a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians similar to that of the
Serbs in Bosnia and that the government is trying to frame Muslims for European anti-Semitism – all of which were outlined in a column published Friday in The Guardian."

This is my impression:
So, Palestine is like Kosovo is it? They are variationing on the wellknown and wildly succesful
propagandamov(i)e that staged a starveling behind (but really before) barbed wire?

Typically rightwingers try frisk by way of myopic focus on incidents and never try to step back and see what they are symptomatic of; this film has the temerity to suggest that casualty figures reports are probably all tripled by showing one instance.

Sure, one sees staged replays of what happens in places the press is not allowed to record live. I've seen checkpost scenes replayed in the middle of amsterdam for god sake. Wake up.

You can't compare arabs (for oil) entering europe to folks hoping to play lost sun returning (to others who never left) cause though they left the deserts the latter never left them, nor should they until a conscious effort to repair the damage is made and arms never did help
regreen any desert nor will they more likely than not. I could go on hairsplitting and look up the LM journalism tracing the german photographer (Dykman Dekeman?) but I
won't. bosnia lm barbed wire

The Picture that Fooled the World The barbed wire in the picture is not around the Bosnian Muslims; ... The British television station ITN sued to prevent LM from publishing the story, - 12k -

695 results --- 98 for 'bosnia lm deichman --- none making the parallel connections let alone the perpendiculars too.


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