Thursday, October 13, 2005

more in the vein of what I started doing at

In honour of the work my friend Andre does I will not correct the mistakes he makes in composing sentences in the English language (natively, he speaks swiss german in the Berner variety).

Dear Friends of the Rainbow-Family,
as we hear in dayly news, our Mother Earth, seem to be infected of a kind of Virus.
(Homo Ignorantis?:-) Some changes will go on, as many people tell me about theyr dreams &

As we keep on loving mother nature and universal sprit, - open minded & souled - maybe we have a good chance, to know about, to be at right place at right time...

There is still no international consens, about Rainbownews on the net & as it seems, there it shall be consensed, by local groups, to offer invitations for gatherings:

- as road-descriptions,
- as responding by e-mail requests,
- or just to say that there will be a gathering in this area & people have to care themselves for more Info by contacting local focalizers

Actual news, You will find under: Please read description & help to decentraly foreward news & keep on consens with Your local family! (as registrated user, You can delete & edit Your postings anytime & also change language to ex. Esperanto;-)

To do the job as focalizer for long times, is not easy & kind of sharing & interactivity is in need, so i try to give as much interactivity & self-responsability to You all - thanks for respect ! Please no Commercials !

- yahoo-groups, have a growing quantity of spam, mostly deleted by homecomputers with spam-filters, but mostly not for people on the road in internet-cafes, downloading by webmail.I ask for consensus (on us "netusers"), to have more moderators on all this
groups (5 would be ok) HO?
For this i want to ask all YG-owners, to allow more, good known people to
subscribe as moderator & do some requests on good known writers !

As owner of an own server in Europe (all names registrated in EU), i'd had the possibility to host everithing here.

But: - we need kind of decentrality: - if one server goes down ( or will be deleted by any agressiv gov.), there anotherone, should take over & so, i would love, to see an extended mirror-network through all continents & love to do the job here.

Please, Server-Owners, lets bring this kind of project toghether !

I get weekly news, about new RB-related websites in kind of: mygroup, geocities, beepworld, ch/vu... Filled up with commercial publicity & flahing news... ( personaly, i get sick of it...)

Why not using & get your subdomains with own FTP-access (magic hat) as:
- (as local rainbow-family)

- ( as tribe or community)

There also are such offers on: (where also is running)

& the basicly Rainbownet allover (running also Eurocircle)

& kindofrideshare & Rainbowguide on (Nortamerica)

& , - Tom`s doing the job for the UK`s & more & is already careing about a possible gathering in UK next summer..:-) Please use any of our forums anywhere, to keep in contact, & give Your input, to keep the family alive for You..:-)

Loveliest in hope for some good changes: Admin Andre


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