Thursday, November 03, 2005

test ... went well enoug to leave it up

"I got married for all the wrong reasons," she says in
the film documentary. "My husband did not turn out to be
everything I had imagined him to be. I just wanted to end
everything." How did she cope? Madonna came to understand
that her expectations for marriage were not realistic.

"There is no such thing as the perfect soul mate,"
Madonna explains. If you think someone is perfect, she
advises, "You had better run as fast as you can in the
other direction. Your soul mate is the person that pushes
all your buttons. The person who [bleeps] you off on a
regular basis and makes you face your [bleep]. ...I thank
God every day that I married a man who makes me think.
That is my definition of true love." --- thus spake The Madonna

Bluegrass tributes to Pink Floyd (mp3s via InfoJunk)'%20on%20floyd/

Fab-websites supply software for custom designing

pulpculture Says stuff about technorati ---
November 1st, 2005 at 11:31 am -- piet Says: ------- don’t trust that place I don’t. Blogs that rank (blogflux) a 4 are still worth nothing if technorati (and the cute smile opp guy) don’t like you. I tried using technorati (mainly in searches for Ward Churchill) and run into anything from juvenilesque naive to calloused and assinine right wing sites.

November 2nd, 2005 at 6:54 am -- pulpculture Says: Yah, it was just a joke, though. Having fun with the whole blogosphere is the center of the universe thing. But hey, if it makes people want to have a business blog because it’s the hottest thing since sliced white bread, then I’m game. I’m a shameless bitch like that.

culture labiant points me to a blog that looks good:
categories there:
Kids - Oil - Parenting - The State - War -- from the smallish linklist: this one requires
a pref installed browser to test the content tranquilly.

one specimen from labiant lass her siterings: Brace yourself for
"Blogging: Don't forget your paper bag" wherein a concluding paragraph that goes (out) like this: "Still, I can't argue with Atrios' suggestion of anonymity for people testing the blog waters, which are cold, murky, and turbulent. And the undertow is a
You'll irritate some people who'll say anonymity undermines credibility on a given subject, but you're probably the best judge of whether that's so. Besides, irritating people seems to be a large part of what blogging is all about." emphasis by piet
reference links and an anchored menu to go along with and
help hold up a pithy article:
CUCKOO ECONOMICS (Abridged Ed.) Gavin R. Putland 31 Oct 2005 16:30 GMT ------- By deliberately confusing assets that can be *produced* with assets that can only be *acquired*, modern economics laid the ideological foundation for unemployment, poverty, inequality, and the looming global depression.

CUCKOO ECONOMICS (Original Ed. released Oct.19, 2005) Contents -- 1. Bird brains ----- 2. Counterfeit "capital" ----- 3. Bait and switch ----- 4. The preferred enemy ----- 5. "Natural" unemployment ----- 6. All-devouring rent ----- 7. "Free" trade ----- 8. The cause of recessions ----- 9. The U.S. dollar bubble ----- 10. Rogue states ----- 11. The Great Depression of 2006–? ----- 12. Summary
also via the newswire looks like some competition for hyperstition oh no wait, different approach, they stoop to linking christian sites too. (Ashland, Oregon, USA). The design of the first of 13 rapidly developing self-sustainable Centers for the Restitution(,
investigation) and Education of the Natural Mind
("CREST") has begun under the project management of Dutch architect and producer Daniel Lipschits. The pilot
project is located on 52 acres of undeveloped wilderness near the Sea of Cortez in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Hello America - 2012 is Just Around the Corner, is Anybody Listening? -- "The world is changing. Those who seize the initiative will do well."
(I Ching Shamanic Oracle of Change, commentary to line one, Hexagram 17) ---------- Rinri, the Japanese word from which this Newsletter derives its title, means ethical enlightenment. As we approach the closing of the cycle, the need for a global ethical enlightenment has never been greater, especially since we have entered the Way of Wielding Power. The nation most in need of such enlightenment is the United States of America, the most benighted nation on Earth. Hello, America, is anybody listening? 2012 is just around the corner. It's not too late to choose the path of the future, the path of Thirteen Moons, and forsake your identity as Americans. It will be good for the planet if you can do so.
pretty new page on this 'front' multiculture at its finest?? --
Beyond the Global Divide: 2nd International Youth Summit - April 21— April 27, 2005
some music video from Byron Bay with indigenes This project is Heart Magic Media’s flagship project. Over 10 years in the making, including over 4 years of
research, this million dollar epic is finally near completion. At the film's core is a Gathering of Indigenous elders and others who came together with a clan of the Mirning People on the cliffs of the Nullarbor in September 1998.
gathering-vid.htm QT 1.6Mb
(not working)

hippy doodles QT
(really pretty thingy) WM video enhanced simulation a white man amongst the Hopi posts crude diagram enhanced metafizical rambles check out jimtzu's avatar at this white on black forum with 8 pages of myspace using artists /forum/ one of the 26 pages worth of plain and artsy photos, optical illusions etcetera

zappa fan ----
my own frankz online radio(type 'frankz' in search box - Tune In) this doesn't actually work but searching with 'zappa' gets you 3 stations (one of which goes round the clock!) Nick: 'Problem solving' (rock grinding and solubilizing it with rain and plant sap) seems right, but what is a 'problem' other than a place-holder for a yet undiscovered solution? A productive innovation retrospectively exposes a prior problem that need not have been recognized as such in advance. The merely definitional and the substantive slide into each other easily in this area. ----- your last line gains valence if you allow interpretation of the cryptic 'problem solving' thusly: rock grinding and solubilizing it with rain and plant sap.

I Don't know which is more morally reprehensible -- insurgents hiding among civilians or The military attacking civilians to get at The insurgents. ... - 127k -- 30 results for that phrase

a dutch blogger flattered me by offering a spot in his linklist but since it is small the proximity to a james randi one made me feel claustrophobic and I asked to be spared. Proof the Randians can't be trusted made up one of the 30 results just mentioned (I had to grab the cache to read this):

US Military Cowardice Costing Civilian Lives Posted by Mr Manifesto on 09-26-2004 02:21 AM: This is what happens when you're too gutless to send ground troops after enemy forces, leaving it to 'extremely precise' airstrikes instead. Civilians get killed, every time. Yet there are still those who say that the US military are going to great lengths to minimise civilian casualties.
Don't make me laugh.

_____the url now directs you to a thread called:
Johnny Carson Talking to James Van Whatshisname, from beyond the grave...


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