Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Let's get physicational here shillyshell we?

Dear Friends of Remineralize the Earth,

Please consider supporting our education outreach and website through becoming a member. All of our staff, including myself, volunteer or are employed through work study of which we only have to pay 10%, so all of our funding goes directly towards furthering our goal of getting soil remineralization out into the mainstream and to stabilize the climate. Please check out the Latest News section. We are creating a research database online and developing a climate section. Please contribute to helping us build a large and effective membership organization. We greatly appreciate your support and suggestions at this time!

Joanna Campe

Update On Remineralize the Earth

Become a Member

Undertaking the task of remineralization is urgent to restore ecological balance and stabilize the climate. Sustainable agriculture in today’s world is a major priority, and soil remineralization is playing a crucial and vital role in ensuring the future well-being of all life. Remineralize the Earth, a nonprofit membership based organization, promotes the regeneration of soils and forests worldwide with finely ground gravel dust as an economically and ecologically sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides, creating fertile soils much as the Earth does. Not only do we need to recycle and return the organic matter to the soil, we can also recycle the mineral nutrients to create fertile soils and produce healthier crops.

The vision of soil remineralization is spreading with a clear momentum from gardener and farmer to industry, scientist and policy maker. Remineralize the Earth is the leading resource in coordinating research and application of this growing science, with practitioners and researchers throughout the world.

We at Remineralize the Earth are making rapid progress towards our goal to bring the concept and application of soil remineralization into the mainstream.

John Hamaker and Don Weaver’s inspiring book The Survival of Civilization is now available in its entirety on the website. Don has updated the original text and also created a powerful new companion volume, To Love And Regenerate The Earth: Further Perspectives on The Survival of Civilization. Both books are available from Don for free on the website, a gift to our endangered Earth.

Overall we are increasing the visibility of the organization to attract a greater and more coordinated presence in sustainable agriculture, forestry, and climate issues. To help us with this vital and urgent task, we are asking for your support.

Tax Deductible Donation
You can help us make a major impact in getting remineralization into the mainstream, mounting an educational outreach program throughout the world, and continuing to develop and sustain the website. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation. We greatly appreciate your help at this time in creating and sustaining a viable membership organization!

Joining the Remineralize the Earth Network

To become a member, please fill out the form and mail it to us or use PayPal.

Please send results of remineralization, photos, articles, experiences and initiatives dedicated to soil remineralization for ecological and community sustainability – the new online magazine is a reflection of all of you.

For a Remineralized Earth,
Joanna Campe, President
Don Weaver, Ecological Research and Support

Remineralize the Earth
Towards a Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Climate
152 South Street, Northampton, MA 01060-4021
413-586-4429 Fax: 413-586-6064
Email: jcampe@remineralize.org Website: http://www.Remineralize.org.

Remineralize the Earth encourages soil remineralization through as many individuals, organizations, companies, and government bodies as choose to participate in this all-important work. We think it is essential, as a non-profit educational organization, to avoid inappropriate commercial influence or favoritism. The fact that we welcome commercial memberships and sponsorships for our website does not in our view conflict with our concern for open-minded educational integrity and progress.

Board of Directors

Joanna Campe, President; Christian Campe, Treasurer; Susan Witt, Executive Director, The E. F. Schumacher Society; William C. Holmberg, President, Global Biorefineries; Ned Kennan

Board of Advisors

William Fyfe, Ph.D., President, International Union of Geophysical Scientists; Ward Chesworth, Ph.D., University of Guelph; John Todd, Ocean Arks International and The Center for Restoration of Waters; Dr. Herster Barres, Ph.D, Klinki Forestry Project for Costa Rica; Bob Cannard, Cannard Farms; Barrie Oldfield, Men of the Trees, Australia; Andrew Harley, Ph.D, University of Western Australia; Don Weaver, co-author of The Survival of Civilization

Membership and Donation Billing/Contact Information

Lifetime Membership:
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(We will be creating a research database available to members or by individual request based on need.)

Tax-Deductible Donation
I wish to donate the following amount to Remineralize the Earth:
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$100 ___ $50 ___ $25 ___ Other: ______

(We will send you a letter acknowledging your tax deductible donation for your records)

Contact Information:
First Name: _____________
Last Name: _____________
Company/Organization: ___________________
Address: ________________________
City: ________________
State/Province: ___________________
Zip/Post code: ____________
Country: ____________________
Email: _________________________
Phone: ______________________
Fax: ______________________

Billing Information:
You can use PayPal online at http://www.paypal.com to send us money. The steps are very simple and the transactions are safe. All you need to do is sign up for an account in PayPal, go to Send Money, and fill out the easy form. Please send the money to membership@remineralize.org.

Or, you can make a check or money order payable to Remineralize the Earth and send it with this form to: Remineralize the Earth, 152 South Street, Northampton, MA 01060-4021

International membership fees and donations must be in U.S. funds drawn from a bank designating a U.S. branch (checks only). (It is easier and less expensive to use PayPal.)

Remineralize the Earth
Towards a Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Climate
152 South Street, Northampton, MA 01060-4021
413-586-4429 Fax: 413-586-6064

Joanna Campe
Remineralize the Earth
Towards a Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Climate
152 South Street, Northampton, MA 01060-4021
Tel: 413-586-4429 Fax: 413-586-6064
ReminEarth@aol.com http://www.Remineralize.org =


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