Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A world full of choice yet most are phony.

Here’s the fundamentally divergent and antagonistic ones: catalog patristic auto mutilations of others and selves or tally up and dole out whole earth permaculturations.

All races have their patriarchal aspects and most cultures do too. The greatest peace and prosperity happened in periods of gender balance, their differences respected and guarded agreeably enough to get them noticed pleasantly across the divide and in its own good hormone fired time to keep the multiplication stage kicking in just right and find that their cultural habits have softly nudged them along to help this hi-lite take and fall into place.

During such periods people understood gold and paper gold (versus tradable/ valued / current goods and services based contractual agreement validity) to be the low trust hi risk type of macho stuff that brought nothing but trouble, secrecy, anonymity and ‘freedom’, the type that reaches and teaches the point of arbitrary dominance (rather than responsive coalitions).

Luckily the latter, feminine, very measured and more malleable types of money were easy and readily available to work with if you had to at all (the old adam in the garden, homestead community and hippy dream gift economy with lotsa handwork and little standardization keeps dying and reviving).

This balance is gone, the males have so to speak, eaten all the females pol/econically speaking, life has been one big bureaucratic serial singularity, revolution and gay parade after another ever since, world wars with butches sending femmes to die for them in it (read about the manned rocket in Tom Pynchon’s ‘Gravity’s rainbow’ for instance).

Ages of unbridled expansion and unsustainable practices like a tad too heavy a footfall caused compaction, erosion, coercion and hierarchy (and I haven’t even mentioned any mono- words yet), but we can distinguish 2 basic strategies, the contingent solid front empire and the spotty network Trojan guerrilla behind enemy lines, pioneering, laying low and doubling agendas, inching closer to the floodgates.

Learn to see the subtle ways patrism chronically seeds the characteristics of coming to harm and keeps things ‘going’ the ancient way or study the industry build up and tension raising ‘economic’ growth spirals which are less local and regional; they come to harm too but alas, halt and start waves of more and more feverish frenzy as they come to arm themselves first, then climax with waste and carnage, curious how the chips will shake out this time.

Sperm principle personified.

“… somebody stop me with the damn prepositions!”

Look, what do prepos have to do with mostly? Location location location and secondarily (pending on more information), direction direction direction; seems like they are properly gendered something money is sorely lacking but that story is for another day.*

Gravity is what 99% of life on earth overcomes to one extent or another. Wannabe extropians and would be planet miners or even colonizers, strong AI believers and all them folks who give me the creeps have got one thing right, we best get our feet off the ground again (study erosion you idiots!!!!), just don’t go too far with it, a canopy is good enough. And that’s where objectification comes in, it ain’t shit and certainly not real unless rooted. And that anchor is what I miss. Go to tsl.com and see its former dictratress (Alzheimer now), a lady with feline looks in fine fettle or full of herself right? After her humiliation in court, the apocalyptic gathering her flock on- and into the bunker episode, her little empire has shrunk to half the size, ‘only’ 6.000 acres now.
The context is the collective side; the bigger picture, the effort to stop patrism. The whore and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, proud and regal, independent but as we put it, not objective enough, too individualistic … .. of course everything else, the former, crystallizes around the latter.
You'd have to wannabe equally unpopular to stop populism.

And by the way, you did misunderstand, I referred to the pic atop Damien’s blog (at the time), using that old (esquire type) trick of cutting away all background attempting to emphasize contour and keep focus superficial (the bane of all ((too extremely gendered*)) specialisms and rote shit).
So, till next time we play .. .. .

I’ve done a post trying to delve into the * called:
A world full of choice yet most are phony.


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