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13 LINK MISCELLANY Maine tribes meet with Venezuela for low cost heating oil
Brenda Norrell, 16.12.2005 20:38

Praising Venezuela President Hugo Chavez, Maine Indian tribes met with representatives of the Venezuelan Embassy to begin talks on the delivery of low cost heating oil to tribal members. The Biggest Land Grab Will Happen if Tribes Do Not File Claim by December 31!niishinikwe 14 Dec 2005 17:53 GMT pretty big collection on russia (panslavism, eurasianism and borders shifting). = dead, killed, you are allowed 0 guesses as to the reason. (splitcreen view)

"Could Darwinist be the new Marxist?" they asked...well, Marx was definitely a Darwinist, but confessedly not a Marxist.
Anyway, Gould wrote an essay about this issue, I remembered reading long ago...and now found at this website:

Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:>>...All in all, the film's attraction, like Christmas, is>pagan rather than Christian...
"...because it is only Christian men Guard even heathen things."
--Chesterton, Ballad of the White Horse

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You might try his essay on Addison. (I disagree sharply withsome things>in it, but it expresses one possible perspective very well.)>Incidentally, though I've never read an account of it, Iunderstand from>secondhand sources that he was very into spanking (whether asspanker or>spankee or both I don't remember). Also his _Allegory ofLove_, which I>have never read either as a whole, but if I remembercorrectly his>history of "romantic love" is essentially the same as thehistory Engels>gives. His book on Milton is enraging but still enjoyable.>>Carrol

Eastabrook makes a rare appearance to respond:
His book on (roughly) the pre-modern world view, The DiscardedImage (inaugural lectures at Cambridge as I recall), is littleshort of brilliant. I've insisted that graduate studentsbeginning Renaissance/Reformation studies start with it. It goes a good towards saving them from what a quite different historian called "the enormous condescension of posterity." barely a page worth and only pretty complete booklist (online mail order catalog)


the lady running the prankquean yahoo group is taking up recording Joycean passages again.
as molliloque goes .. . .as molliloque goes .. . .
this is a very cocky version: .. which if you are still a lurker in my life, is entirely redundant info

Subject: Ideas... some great, some stinky
For the past week or so I've been browsing<> and there's some pretty amazing stuff there. (Some not so good also, but that's the web for ya.) They solicited ideas from the general (U.S.) public and the publicposted a lot of them. Some are quite in keeping with notions weassociate with ICs. Other ideas are frankly way whacked out. Earlynext month they're going to have the public vote on what they considerthe best ideas contributed. So you might want to get in on that. Butthere's about 22,000 posted there, so you might want to start readingon them pretty soon. The website has both a subject-browse page and asite search feature, so you can seek out the kind of contributions ofinterest to you. The website is also soliciting your comments on anyand all of these ideas. You can post them right there on the website.
The top twenty-one ideas are going to be published in some book and--who knows-- some of them might be implemented by governments or unionsor other organizations. Several people posted ideas relating toworker-owned businesses. There's a lot of ideas for nurturing the useof alternative energy sources too. And there's a lot more. Have alook and plug in your comments. Cut loose!
Merry non-PatRobertson, ken looong linklist to dig through, pr(ed)ominently features feminism scifi and reality find out what she's not; you'll save time (and it's pretty obvious too)


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Thanks for linking to SinceSlicedBlead. I posted a few idea there and would love to hear your feedback. If you like them - great, and if you don't – please blast away. The conversation is what's most important, so thanks a bunch.

Lowering the Cost of Prescription Medications:
Drug importation insurance
Drug company tax incentives

Controlling Government Spending:
Itemized Tax Receipts
Bonuses for a balanced budget
Line Item Congressional Vote

Raising the Minimum Wage:
A Variable Minimum Wage

National Defense:
Free Flu Shots

Reducing Political Corruption:
Allow Anonymous Political Donations

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